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Treat Yourself at Avon Riding Centre

Did you know that we have a therapy room now at the Centre?

On Saturdays, you’ll find Carol from Just You Holistics there. She offers massage therapy, Reflexology, Tibetan Head Massage and Pranic Healing.

Our stable manager, Charmaine, has had a massage and really recommends it.

Just what you need to relax, renew and refresh at the weekend.

You can find out more at her website.

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RDA Mid West Regional Show-jumping Championships 2016

Four riders from Avon Riding Centre for the Disabled competed at the Mid West Regional championships in Show-jumping and Endurance on Monday 6th June.

George Brindley qualified for the nationals, coming 2nd in  the Level 3 Show Jumping on Robbie.

Stella Jelly on Hope and Millie Boult both came 3rd in the level 2 and level 3 show-jumping respectively.

Cecilia Kennard enjoyed the Endurance event: a 2km solo ride on Hope, which is all about covering the maximum distance possible without putting the horse under too much strain.

It was a beautiful day, if somewhat hot. Thanks to the riders and of course the support team who made it possible for them to attend this fantastic event.


*edited to change George’s event to Level 3 showjumping instead of Level 2.


Nativity 2015

Thank you to everyone who came and supported our Nativity, we had another lovely evening and raised lots of money to help support our efforts here at the Centre.  A special congratulations go to the following people, who were presented with awards on the night:

The Don White Cup – Zoe Heron

The Kerry Stoves Endeavour Award – Rhiannon Davies

The Stella Saywell Achievement Award – Zoe Henderson

The Unsung Hero Award – Penny Coates

The Volunteer of the Year Award – Chris Chadwick

And a special award went to Ted Milkins who is retiring after many years of being an RDA instructor.

Autumn RDA Dressage Day at Avon Riding Centre on Friday 30th October

We had slightly less entrants for this competition with thirty riders of all ages participating in a choice of four Classes rather than the usual five. At this time of year we try to encourage riders who have never competed in dressage before to ‘have a go’ and hopefully enjoy the experience of completing a test at various levels.

Class 1 was ridden in walk and on the leading rein so it was ideal for a first try. We had a number of people taking part for the first time which was very encouraging. As you will see from the many happy smiling faces in the photos, the sense of achievement can be very rewarding and boost confidence and self esteem.

Of course the entries are not graded like the Classes at RDA Regional and National level therefore there is always a mixture of ages and abilities participating together at these very friendly events. The aim is always to give our riders, and those from other local RDA Groups in our Region the opportunity to gain experience as well as have fun.

A big thank you to everyone involved in making this day a success, especially all our volunteers who organise and run the day, our staff for preparing the horses and of course the judges, Sue Mack our RDA Regional Coach & Yeb de Jong our Equine Manager.

Finally and most importantly thanks to all the riders from our Centre and Lyncombe Lodge Group and their families for supporting this event.

Here are the top three riders in each Class:

Class 1

1st Rhiannon Davies riding Robbie, 2nd Abigail Bailey riding Jim, 3rd Huxley Leigh on Bunty

Class 2

1st Lucy McLean riding Bunty, 2nd Claire Hoare riding Bertie, 3rd Alisha Craigie on Bunty

Class 3

1st Liam Bailey riding Winston, James Bunker riding Bella, 3rd Emily Rodman on Jim

Class 4

1st Lucy Mae Bush riding Rainbow, 2nd Stella Jelly riding Leaf, 3rd Jenny Armstrong on Barney


Well done everyone!


Nativity Pictures 2014

With Thanks to Anna Jankiewicz and Phil McLean for taking the photos below.


RDA Dressage Day at Avon Riding Centre on Friday 31st October

RDA Dressage Day at Avon Riding Centre on Friday 31st October

What a brilliant time we had – the weather was so warm and sunny that we were able to set up the refreshments outdoors, allowing plenty of space for the riders and their families to relax and enjoy their day.

We had a total of forty competitors booked in to take part in five different Classes from a walk only test on the leading rein to the final Class for our most advanced riders with movements in walk, trot and canter. The riders in this Class got a huge surprise when they realised that their judge was Clive Milkins, who has coached multi Gold Medal winning Paralympic rider Sophie Christiansen throughout her competitive career! Clive was very impressed by the standard and hopes to come to do a coaching session at the Centre early next year.

It was so good to be able to welcome riders from some of the other groups in our RDA Mid West Region, some from Lyncombe Lodge and Wellow as well as riders from Watershed and Tumpy Green who were competing here for the first time!

The atmosphere was excellent and everyone went away with smiles on their faces and rosettes in their hands, feeling a great sense of achievement and increased confidence after their success.


Class 1Class 1

1st Alisha Craigie riding Spike

2nd Alison Bond riding Bertie

3rd Michelle Godbert riding Whitstable Native

Class 2

(seniors)Class 2 riders

1st Bobby Challoner riding Barney

2nd Frances Neville riding Marge

3rd Charlotte White riding Bella


1st Emily Rodman riding Dusty

2nd Morgan Rogers riding DustyClass 3

3rd Lucy McLean riding Spike

Class 3

1st Mia Abrahams riding Barney

2nd Neve Massey riding Dusty

3rd Anisah Mahmood riding DustyClass 4

Class 4

1st Verna Clifford riding Barney

2nd Hannah Browton riding Leaf

3rd Josh Murray riding Winston

Class 5

1st Stella Jelly riding PoppyClive Milkins with Class 5 riders

2nd Alfie Armstrong riding Roddy

3rd Millie Boult riding Bella



Well done to you all and we look forward to welcoming you back to our next event on February 21st 2015!

Congratulations George!

We would like to say a HUGE congratulations to George Brindley, for receiving Runner up award in the  Haddon Training Apprentice of the year competition.  We are all very proud.


To everyone who took part in the RDA Nationals at Hartpury this weekend.  The results and some photos are below.  We would like to say a huge thank you to all the instructors, volunteers and family members who helped support.  Without you we would not be as successful in these competitions as we are.

Test Class Name Score Per Place
TVI 2 5  Verna Clifford 112 70.1 1st
1a 16  Tegan Vincent Cook 91 53.5 1st
S/J L2 43  George Brindley 76 2nd
I/D WTC 58  Jonathan Kemp 142 74.7 2nd
Combined 71  Alisha Craigie 76.91 2nd
C/C 68  Alisha Craigie 176.5 88.25 3rd
1a 19  Emily Rodman 111 65.2 4th
 Test 2 64  Alisha Craigie 118 65.5 4th
V   W/T 56  Joe Cordey 111 61.67 7th
I/D W/T 21  Liam Bailey 133 66.5 9th

Badminton Fun Ride 2014 Photos

We had an absolutely fabulous time at the Badminton Fun Ride, and were extremely lucky with the weather.  Here are some photos from the day.