Sponsor The Simulator

Sponsor the Simulator at

Avon Riding Centre

Not a fan of fur?  Manure not your cup of tea?  We get it, equines aren’t for everyone.  But you can still get involved and help the vital work we do by sponsoring the simulator!

Horse sized, and horse shaped, but without any of the feeding or breathing requirements, our Racewood Simulator can walk, trot and canter, and helps riders with a wide range of disabilities with both confidence and physiotherapy.

The movement of a horse provides the same type of physical benefits as walking, exercising all of the same muscles, helping to improve core strength and stability, as well physical fitness.  It is used as a tool to prepare people for riding lessons, and for some of our more disabled riders, it is the closest they will ever come to riding a real horse.

As with all machinery, it requires regular maintenance, and an annual service costs approximately £600, and this is without any repairs.

You can help by sponsoring the simulator for £20 a year.  Your money will help us pay for service charges and repairs.

For your £20 you will get your name on the wall of the simulator room and our website, as a thank you for your donation.