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Regionals 2018

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Dressage and Countryside Challenge 21st May 2018

A beautiful day and there really was a celebratory mood at the Avon Riding Centre at the RDA Mid West Regional Championships.

Huge thanks to the volunteers who made it run so smoothly and worked so hard on the day and in the run up.

Lots more pictures to come, but here’s how brilliantly our riders performed:

Name of Rider Horse Score Per Place
Verna Clifford Tom 111 69.3 1st Q
Adam Bray Hope RETIRED
Adam Prekwasinski Bunty 129 65 8th
Matilda Jim 140.5 70.25 1st  Q
Kevin Hodges Baby 111 56 5th
Lauren Steenkamp Hope 145 73 4th
Alfie Armstrong Ruby RETIRED
Sam Stotko Baby 138.5 69 5th
Tom Heming Tom 128.5 64 4th
Graham Moore Marley 122 61 1st
Neve Massey Baby 129 71.67 1st Q
Anisah Mahmood Bertie 119 66.11 3rd
Huxley Leigh Tom 113.5 63.06 6th
Millie Boult Hilda 128.5 67.63 1st Q
Lauren White Baby 117 65 4th
Amy Connelly Jim 119 70 3rd
Claire Hoare Ruby CX    
Nina Wheeler Bertie 127 74.71 1st Q
Ewan Waller Lucky 127 70.56 2nd Q
Emily Rodman Tom 122.5 68.06 3rd
Alisha Craigie Bertie 129 75.88 1st Q
Tegan Vincent Cooke Hilda 145.5 85.59 1st Q
Britta Francis Sir Frankie 105.5 58.61 5th

Nina Wheeler won the trophy for highest-scoring newcomer, and Tegan Vincent-Cook won the cup for the Best Rider. 

Well done to everyone. Lots more photos to follow!