It costs over £300,000 each year to provide a first class service for our disabled riders, however as an independent charity we do not receive any central funding and therefore need to raise money in a variety of ways, including;

  • providing riding lessons and staging competitions for non-disabled riders which are charged at full commercial rates
  • applying to grant making trusts
  • holding fundraising events at the Centre throughout the year
  • organising challenge events

We’re also fortunate enough to receive support from local community groups, companies and individuals who fundraise on our behalf.

  • Land Appeal

    In addition to the £300,000 required each year to fund the running costs of the Centre, in 2012 we also had to buy 70 acres of land, which we had rented from a local landowner for many years,  to save it being sold at auction and jeopardising the future of the Centre.

    We were only given a couple of months to fund the purchase and had no option but to take out loans – the total cost of the land including fees and interest payments is around £500,000. We immediately launched a Land Appeal and are delighted to report that with the support of grant making trusts together with our own fundraising efforts we’ve been able to raise almost £250,000!

    The John James Bristol Foundation have been key supporters of the Land Appeal and have already donated £100,000 so far through a mix of grants and match funding and have once again offered to match any money raised towards the Land Appeal during 2014 up to £25,000.

    We urgently need your help to raise at least £25,000 during 2014 so that we can claim the match funding – effectively every £1 you give could be doubled!




    How you can help