Challenge 40

Challenge 40 – Raising £40,000 in celebration of our 40th Anniversary


To celebrate our 40th Anniversary in 2020 we have launched our new campaign – Challenge 40. Initially set up over 40 years ago, Avon Riding Centre became a registered charity in 1980.

The group has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings. Starting at Winford Orthopaedic Hospital by physiotherapist Stella Saywell as rehabilitation for her Polio patients. Stella’s dream was to have a designated Centre for disabled riding. A dream which she made a reality. If you would like to find out more about the history of our Centre please visit the History of the Avon Riding Centre page.

The Centre is now working with over 200 people, through therapeutic riding, unmounted sensory sessions and Hippotherapy. With an ever growing waiting list, we are looking to develop and expand the services we offer which will allow us to work with more people. To help on our mission we are going to build a roof over our outdoor arena. Covering the arena will create availability for more sessions as we will not be restricted by the weather conditions. Stella’s initial dream was for an indoor arena. We are looking to build on her dream and have two!

About Challenge 40

The Challenge 40 campaign will raise the funds needed to purchase the structure for the roof, along with building costs. Any additional money raised will go towards the ongoing maintenance of both of our arenas. Maintenance is essential for the arenas to be usable for a long time to come. Our arenas are not only enjoyed by our riders, from both the RDA programme and Bristol Horse Riding, but they are hired regularly by local equestrians. We also hold competitions and hope to be able to offer more in the future.

We are asking everyone to get involved in a sponsored activity or hold an event to raise the £40,000 target we have set.  In which ever way you would like to raise money we are asking that you link it to 40, whether that is 40 miles, 40 days or 40 cakes. With Challenge 40 we want to encourage people to try something new, that will benefit themselves, you could take a 40 minutes walk for 40 days or take up a new hobby.  Here at Avon Riding Centre we change the lives of the people we work with and we want to do that in this campaign as well. You can view our list of ideas HERE.

To get involved or to find out more information visit our JustGiving page Here you can donate and can link your fundraising page to the campaign. For more information on the Centre or for fundraising support please contact Alice by emailing or call 0117 9590266