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You could make a huge difference to the lives of our riders from just £50, by sponsoring one of our horses or ponies.

The basic cost of keeping a horse is £6,000 a year. There are five levels of Sponsorship available:

  • Diamond: £6,000

Ideal for big companies, and a great way to motivate your staff to fund-raise for the Centre. For this you would receive a framed certificate, a visit to the Centre where you would receive a tour and have a go on the horse simulator, your name would be placed on our website (with a link to website), a horse shoe plaque and VIP pass to one of our events. If you are interested in Diamond Sponsorship you can contact Louise Leigh on 0117 9590266 for a complete breakdown of how your money will be spent.

  • Platinum: £1,000

Ideal for small or medium sized companies. Get your clients involved, a great way to help a charity. For this you would receive a framed certificate, horse shoe plaque, tour of the centre and your name on our website and stable door.

  • Gold: £500

Perfect for sports clubs or social groups. For this you would receive a framed certificate, horse shoe plaque, name on the website and stable door.

  • Silver: £150

The ideal gift for the person who has everything. For this you would receive a certificate, picture of your chosen horse, soft toy pony, name on the website and stable door.

  • Bronze: £50

Great for individuals, sponsor your favourite horse or give it as a gift to a friend. For this you would receive a certificate, soft toy pony and your name on the website.

If you would like to sponsor any of our fabulous horses or ponies then please download Click Here to Download a Sponsorship Leaflet 2017

Meet the Horses:

Mr Big

Mr Big
Big by name… but only 13.2Hh so pretty small by nature. He’s a beautiful palomino with the best eyes on the yard. One of our newer ponies, he’s really settling in well and is keen to work hard for his rider.  Excellent on the lead rein he is lovely for new or nervous riders, and is fitting right in.

Mr Big is sponsored by Tina Milan, Maureen and Mike for Jamie and Brenda.



Bunty is a total legend! He’s a Norwegian Fjord Horse, which means that his distinctive markings will be familiar to fans of Disney’s Frozen. At 13.1Hh, he’s built like a miniature tank: he’ll really look after a nervous rider, but loves the chance to show off his skills and pace when given the chance.  He’s a wonderful dressage pony, and has won rosettes at RDA Regional and National level.

 Bunty is Sponsored by Jack and Jill Pre-School and JuMelia Ltd.




Dark brown Barney is a great all rounder, standing at 14.3Hh. He’s a quiet chap who’s never happier than hanging out with his bestie, Mr Big, and a big bag of hay. Yum!

Barney is looking for sponsorship




15.2Hh black Bertie, who is one of our younger horses, is a real attention seeker in the stable. He loves to bang things around in there and throws his bowl out when it’s empty. Under the saddle, he’s good as gold and will work hard for you.

 Bertie is sponsored by Emil Pawlak




Charlie, who stands at 14.2Hh, has a really distinctive face. He’s piebald, with one blue eye. He’s such a gentle pony: super for beginners.

 Charlie is sponsored in memory of Norman




Cheeky Chappy Choco is a piebald of 14.1Hh. He’s great fun to be around with a real sense of humour. He’s an adventurous eater and loves nothing more than a bit of wild food foraging on a hack.

 Choco is sponsored by Rebecca White and Joshua Rendall




Hope is a 15.3Hh Skewbald. With some good blood in her breeding, she’s a real lady. People who ride Hope regularly are fiercely loyal to her. Once you learn how to push her buttons, she’ll work really well for you.

 Hope is sponsored by Beatrice Clarke




Jim is a perfect first pony. At 13.2Hh, skewbald with blue eyes, he really is as good as he looks. He’s a terrific all rounder. He may be a little bit magic, which might explain the slight resemblance to an elf.

 Jim is sponsored by Lucas Boyle




Spike stands at 13 Hh and is the most distinctive of our grey ponies, with his single black ear. He looks like a cutie, which makes you want to cuddle him, but actually, he doesn’t like to be crowded by people. Once under the saddle, he’s an excellent pony for beginners.

 Spike is looking for sponsorship

 Tic Tac



One of the Fantastic Four little greys; at 13.1Hh Tictac is extremely reliable with beginners. He comes into his own when we’re assessing new riders as he is really caring and patient with less confident children.

 Tic Tac is sponsored by TTC Group UK LTD


marleyMarley is new to the Centre and at 15Hh he is a very promising prospect. He is a Roan cob x gelding, and a very messy eater, throwing his hay all over the stable every time he has dinner! He is currently on a diet whilst we try and get him fit and ready to join our RDA programme.

Marley is looking for sponsorship


luckyLucky is a new pony to the stables.  At 14Hh she is one of the smaller skewbalds, with very pretty facial markings.  She is currently undergoing training in order to be able to join RDA lessons, and we hope to see her in the arena very soon.


Lucky is looking for sponsorship.




Frankie stands  at 12.3Hh and is a great fun ride for confident children. Like so many of our little grey ponies, he’s an absolute doll with beginners, too.

Frankie is sponsored by Tina Milan, Maureen and Mike for Jamie and Brenda


Baby is a 14Hh Strawberry roan gelding,

Despite being new to the team, Baby is already a favourite amongst our riders.  He has helped them compete at RDA Regional level in both Dressage and Show Jumping.



Baby sponsored by Sophie Cormack


Bluey is a 15.1 Piebald gelding.  He is new to the stables and is just being introduced to non-disabled lessons.  We are hoping to introduce him to RDA very soon.

Bluey is looking for sponsorship



Robbie is a 15.2 Chestnut gelding. A part of our new team of horses, he is settling in really well to both disabled and non-disabled lessons and is already a firm favourite amongst the riders.

Robbie is looking for sponsorship


Gracie is a 15.2 Skewbald mare. She is new to the stables and just being introduced to non-disabled lessons, but she has a very kind and gentle temperament and we think she will make a lovely addition to our RDA team.

Gracie is looking for sponsorship


Tinker 13.3Hh Grey gelding. He is small but solid and making a great addition to our team.

Tinker is sponsored by Maria Brennan