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You could make a huge difference to the lives of our riders from just £50, by sponsoring one of our horses or ponies.

The basic cost of keeping a horse is £6,000 a year. There are five levels of Sponsorship available:

  • Diamond: £6,000

Ideal for big companies, and a great way to motivate your staff to fund-raise for the Centre. For this you would receive a framed certificate, a visit to the Centre where you would receive a tour and have a go on the horse simulator, your name would be placed on our website (with a link to website), a horse shoe plaque and VIP pass to one of our events. If you are interested in Diamond Sponsorship you can contact Louise Leigh on 0117 9590266 for a complete breakdown of how your money will be spent.

  • Platinum: £1,000

Ideal for small or medium sized companies. Get your clients involved, a great way to help a charity. For this you would receive a framed certificate, horse shoe plaque, tour of the centre and your name on our website and stable door.

  • Gold: £500

Perfect for sports clubs or social groups. For this you would receive a framed certificate, horse shoe plaque, name on the website and stable door.

  • Silver: £150

The ideal gift for the person who has everything. For this you would receive a certificate, picture of your chosen horse, soft toy pony, name on the website and stable door.

  • Bronze: £50

Great for individuals, sponsor your favourite horse or give it as a gift to a friend. For this you would receive a certificate, soft toy pony and your name on the website.

If you would like to sponsor any of our fabulous horses or ponies then please download our latest sponsorship form.

Meet the Horses:

Mr Big

Big by name… but only 13.2Hh so pretty small by nature. Mr Big has unique coloured eyes. He can sometimes be grumpy but he likes being strocked on his face.

Mr Big is looking for sponsorship



Bunty is a total legend! He’s a Norwegian Fjord Horse, which means that his distinctive markings will be familiar to fans of Disney’s Frozen. Bunty is very friendly and he loves hay! He has an unusual stripe down his back.

Bunty is Sponsored by Jack and Jill Pre-SchoolJuMelia Ltd and B&W Equine



15.2Hh black Bertie, he is friendly and he loves cuddles. He makes a funny when knows that his food is coming!

 Bertie is sponsored by Carol Moore




Ash is really handsome and his favorite treat is swede!

Ash is sponsored by The BAWA Club and Jenny Phelps



His favorite food is carrots and long green grass. He can be lazy but he always looks after his rider.

 Choco is looking for sponsorship



Cricket is relaxed and calm. He sometimes shows that he is inexperienced as he is still learning.

Cricket is sponsored by Beatrice Clarke




Jim is amazingly behaved and is kind to all of his friends. He is a perfect pony to learn on.

 Jim is sponsored by Maria Brennan and Rory Podd



Maddie has two blue eyes and her favorite food is apples. At 13.2Hh she’s the perfect size for our younger riders.

Maddie is sponsored by Betty Still



Spike is Tic Tac’s best friend! He is very fluffy, and he is special because he has one black ear.

 Spike is sponsored by Christine Janis


 Tic Tac


Tic Tac is spike’s best friend!  He likes rolling in the field and gettind his white fur very muddy.

 Tic Tac is sponsored by Alex Fernandez West



Marley has a very big appetite. He is a gentle giant!

Marley is looking for sponsorship



Lucky has tiny and has a cute face. she is sometimes grumpy when tacking up. she likes to be the boss of the other horses.

Lucky is looking for sponsorship.



Baby is a 14Hh Strawberry roan gelding. Baby loves attention and is very gentle. Being groomed and pampered is his favorite thing to do.

Baby is sponsored by EZE Logistics



Robbie is laid back and his favourite thing is going to the field.

Robbie is sponsored by Cameron Button and Beatrice Clarke


Gracie is lovely and sweet. She always tries her best for everyone. 

Gracie is sponsored by Clare Takle



Tom used to be a show pony so he is very nice to ride.

Tom is sponsored by Jenny Armstrong and Helm Construction.




Jim is amazingly behaved and is kind to all of his friends. He is a perfect pony to learn on.

Jim is looking for sponsorship



Storm has a very inquisitive personality. He loves to play because he is still a baby ever though he is quite tall!

Storm is looking for sponsorship


Nell is still learning, however she is willing to try and progress with her training.

Nell is looking for sponsorship



Hilda is very experienced and she has a sweet personality.

Hilda is looking for sponsorship



Lisa likes hugs. She loves to be scratched as she can get quite itchy in the summer.

Lisa is looking for sponsorship



Vinnie has a lot of energy even though he is little. He enjoys walking in the woods.

Vinnie is sponsored by The Henbury Coffee Morning


Ruby is very pretty and she loves jumping !


Ruby is looking for sponsorship