Charlotte’s Story

Charlotte has been a keen equestrian from a young age but a stroke in her twenties left her with weakness in her lower body and epilepsy. This meant that riding her own horse was simply no longer safe which gave her confidence a huge knock. Charlotte has now had 4 strokes and the weakness down her right-side means she struggles to walk. She did think horse riding would never be possible again until her physiotherapist told her about Avon Riding Centre.

For the past two years Charlotte has been coming to the Centre, with the support of the volunteers she was able to get back in the saddle. She is now more confident and enjoys her lessons, has even started to get some strength back in her right side. Most recently Charlotte has had some pain in her back which has prevented her from riding again but she still comes for her lessons, enjoying unmounted sessions and spending time with the horses, in particular Storm who has also had some time off due to surgery. They hope to work through their recovery together.

Charlotte has discovered what is she able to do and keeps pushing forward, despite the huge changes that she has experience in her life.

From Charlotte, “It means the world to me to come to Avon Riding Centre it is a dream come true.”

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