RDA Show Jumping – February Half Term

RDA Show Jumping Competition


A fun day for all competitors and supporters, family and friends. Join us for the February Half Term Fun Show Jumping competition on Friday 21st February. We will be joined by local RDA groups to make for an enjoyable day.

The cafe will be open with cakes available, along with tea, coffee and biscuits.

Times available:

Time Rider Horse
10 Alison Bertie
10.07 Reagan Ruby?
10.14 Elijah Choco
10.21 Adam Maddie
10.28 Erin Baby
10.35 Imogen Peggy
10.42 Chris Stanley
10.49 Otter Tom
10.56 Joanne Rolo
11.1 Paul Stanley
11.17 Kianna Bella
11.24 Elliot Ted
11.31 Jessican Rolo
11.38 Saith Bella
11.52 Roxy Bella
12.16 Darren Caellyn
12.23 Amy Choco
12.29 Freya Sammy
12.35 Heidi Lisa
12.41 Kaycey Fettle
12.47 Millie Rolo
12.53 Joshua Fettle
12.59 Sophie Jim
13.05 Winnie Cam
13.11 Lottie Fettle
13.17 Gaelle Bunty
13.23 Tegan Baby
13.5 Lily Ted
13.56 Matilda Cricket
14.02 Huxley Bertie
14.08 Summer Caellyn
14.14 Laura Tom
14.2 Abbie Ted
14.26 Cat Jim
14.32 Lauren Bunty?
14.38 Ewan Cricket
15 Millie Robbie
15.05 Polly Dinky Dan?
15.1 Stella Bertie
15.15 Lucy Rolo
15.2 Paige Hercules



Class 1 Juniors: 1st Erin (Avon), 2nd Roxy (Wellow), 3rd Elijah (Avon)

Class 1 Seniors: 1st Otter (Wellow), 2nd Reagan (Avon), 3rd Alison (Avon)

Class 2 Juniors: 1st Sophie (Avon), 2nd Millie (Wellow), 3rd Heidi (Avon)

Class 2 Seniors: 1st Tegan (Avon), Winnie (Avon), 3rd Darren (Saxon)

Class 3 Juniors: 1st Abbie (Wellow), 2nd Lauren (Avon), 3rd Huxley (Avon)

Class 3 Seniors: 1st Cat (Avon), 2nd Laura (Avon)

Class 4 Juniors / Seniors combined: 1st Stella (Avon), 2nd Millie (Avon), 3rd Poppy (Lyncombe Lodge), 4th Paige (Avon), 5th Lucy (Wellow)


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