Avon Riding Centre’s Winter Dressage Series 2019/20

Avon Riding Centre’s Winter Dressage series is the perfect place to take your horse over the winter. With fantastic facilities and a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere it suits all ages and abilities, whether you are looking to take your horse out to increase their, and your own confidence, or you need somewhere to go to get in dressage test practice.


Entries are £13 per class and are available on My Riding Life HERE. Class 1 is split into 3 sections Lead Rein, Under 14yrs and Open, this is subject to a minimum of 3 entries per section, full Terms & Conditions are below.

This year Avon Riding Centre is also an approved venue for the RoR Regional League. If you have registered to take part in the league your scores from competitions with us will count towards this. For more information visit the RoR website.

If you have any questions regarding entries for the Winter Dressage Series please contact 0117 9590266.


Sunday 22nd September  – RESULTS AVAILABLE

Class 1 – Intro A (2008)

Class 2 – Prelim 1 (2006)

Class 3 – Prelim 14 (2006)

Class 4 – Novice 24 (2010)

Class 5 – Novice 28 (2008)

Sunday 20th October – RESULTS AVAILABLE

Class1 – Intro B (2009)

Class 2 – Prelim 7 (2002)

Class 3 – Prelim 12 (2005)

Class 4 – Novice 30 (2006)

Class 5 – Elementary 42 (2008)

Please see notes below regarding a ‘Large Animal Rescue’ event taking place on the same day.

Sunday 17th November  – RESULTS AVAILABLE

Class 1 – ARC Test 3 (2014)

Class 2 – Prelim 2 (2016)

Class 3 – Prelim 18 (2002)

Class 4 – Novice 27 (2007)

Class 5 – Novice 34 (2009)

Sunday 15th December – RESULTS AVAILABLE

Class 1 – Intro C (2016)

Class 2 – Prelim 13 (2006)

Class 3 – Prelim 14 (2006)

Class 4 – Novice 34 (2009)

Class 5 – Elementary 44 (2002)

As it will nearly be Christmas get into the festive spirit with optional fancy dress.

Sunday 16th February – CANCELLED

Class 1 – ARC Test 3 (2014)

Class 2 – Prelim 1 (2006)

Class 3 – Prelim 7 (2002)

Class 4 – Novice 24 (2010)

Class 5 –  Novice 27 (2007)

Sunday 15th March- RESULTS AVAILABLE

Class 1 – Intro B (2009)

Class 2 – Prelim 18 (2002)

Class 3 – Prelim 13 (2006)

Class 4 – Novice 28 (2008)

Class 5 – Elementary 42 (2008)

Sunday 19th April (End of Season Championship) – ENTRIES OPEN

Class 1 – Intro A (2008)

Class 2 – Prelim 2 (2016)

Class 3 – Prelim 14 (2006)

Class 4 – Novice 34 (2009)

Class 5 – Elementary 49 (2009)

Sunday 10th May – Dressage Clinic with Alexandra Richards – BOOK NOW

Class 1 – Preparing for you first dressage test

Class 2 – Making the move from Intro to Prelim

Class 3 – Riding accuracy for Prelim

Class 4 – Stepping up from Prelim to Novice

Class 5 – Cracking counter canter and other Novice movements

Large Animal Rescue – Sunday 20th October

On Sunday 20th October, Avon Riding Centre will be hosting a Large Animal Rescue demonstration by Avon Fire and Rescue Service. As this will also be Day 2 of the Winter Dressage Series, we wanted to inform you of what we’re planning well in advance.

  • We will be using the pond at the side of the indoor arena for the demo.
  • There won’t be any fire engines or flashing lights – the equipment arrives in a trailer and a large van.
  • There will be a half hour break in the dressage tests from 12.30 – 13.00 while the actual demo is taking place, as we will be using our tractor and a large model horse.
  • Avon Riding Centre staff will marshal the area carefully to ensure everyone’s safety and to stop any activity if horses are passing the fire crew.

You are very welcome to come and watch the demo; Dave Matthews is a very experienced Fire and Rescue Officer who has many useful tips on safe travelling of horses, and what to do if you’re unlucky enough to find yourself involved in an accident.

The demo will be followed by an emergency first aid session by a vet from B&W.

The timetable for the event is below:

  1. 11:00hrs  Dave Matthews on site.
  2. 11:15hrs  Animal Rescue crews on site.
  3. 11:30hrs  Briefing and set up drill site.
  4. 12:30hrs  Start exercise.
  5. 13:00hrs  End exercise, debrief and make up of equipment. Animal Rescue crews.
  6. 13:00hrs  Questions from the floor. Dave Matthews.
  7. 13:30hrs  Leave site.

We appreciate that it’s not ideal having the two events running alongside each other, but this was kindly arranged for us by our local BHS representative, and this was the only day available.

To ensure that Avon Riding Centre and the amazing RDA work it does is able to continue for another 40 years, we need to encourage more riders to attend our events, hire our facilities and support us in any way they can, and demos like this help us to publicise what we do.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss this or have any questions.


Winter Dressage Series 2019/20 Terms and Conditions

Dressage Entries

Entries must be received with fee of £13 per class the Tuesday before each competition. Entries cannot be transferred or cancelled from this date. Entries are to be completed via MyRidingLife – links are above. If you have any questions regarding entries please contact the Centre on 0117 9590266.

Class 1 for each competition will be divided into three sections, lead rein, riders under 14 years and open. This is subject to receiving a minimum of three entries per section.

Avon Riding Centre tests can be downloaded from the information page.

For test times please see the website or call 0117 959 0266 on the Friday before each competition from 2pm.

Dressage Rules

To be run under British Dressage rules.

Walk and Trot tests are designed for genuine new to dressage riders and inexperienced horses and ponies not previously placed 1st – 3rd at Prelim level or above. Others can enter at HC only.

Horses and ponies with affiliated points over Novice level HC only. Test callers allowed. Horses and ponies must be 4 years and over.

Trophies must be returned to Avon Riding Centre by 12th March 2020.

Competitors must wear correct dress, footwear and hard hat. Hard hats must conform to current safety standards with a 3 point harness and chin straps must be fastened while mounted.

Competitors under 18 must be supervised by an adult. A qualified first aider will be in attendance.

All classes are ridden in indoor arena. Warm up is in outdoor arena and must be done with consideration to others. There is a maximum of 6 horses at a time and no sooner than 40 min before test time.

All horses are to be vaccinated to date and not be carrying any infectious diseases.

No mucking out of trailers/horse boxes on site. Droppings must be cleared from all areas. Dogs must be kept on leads and are not permitted inside buildings, except guide dogs.

Objections must be handed to an official in writing within 15 minutes of the end of a class with a £20 deposit. No refund of entry fees unless accompanied by a doctors or vets note.

Results will be posted on the website within two weeks of each competition.  Please do not request them prior to this.

Abusive behaviour towards any of the officials will not be tolerated and the offender will be asked to withdraw with no refund.

The organisers reserve the right to cancel classes, limit entries or amend rules at their discretion.

The Avon Riding Centre staff, volunteers, landowners or anyone acting on their behalf will not be held responsible for any loss/accident to persons, animals or property. Riders and spectators enter at their own risk.

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