To everyone who took part in the RDA Nationals at Hartpury this weekend.  The results and some photos are below.  We would like to say a huge thank you to all the instructors, volunteers and family members who helped support.  Without you we would not be as successful in these competitions as we are.

Test Class Name Score Per Place
TVI 2 5  Verna Clifford 112 70.1 1st
1a 16  Tegan Vincent Cook 91 53.5 1st
S/J L2 43  George Brindley 76 2nd
I/D WTC 58  Jonathan Kemp 142 74.7 2nd
Combined 71  Alisha Craigie 76.91 2nd
C/C 68  Alisha Craigie 176.5 88.25 3rd
1a 19  Emily Rodman 111 65.2 4th
 Test 2 64  Alisha Craigie 118 65.5 4th
V   W/T 56  Joe Cordey 111 61.67 7th
I/D W/T 21  Liam Bailey 133 66.5 9th
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