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RDA Volunteer of the Year

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Avon Riding Centre could not function without the wonderful volunteers who support us.   Nearly all RDA lessons are delivered by RDA Volunteer Instructors and all the side walkers and leaders are volunteers.  Other volunteers coordinate the volunteers, work on the yard, keep the grounds and estate in such lovely order, and provide office and administrative support to paid staff.  Every year there is a National Competition to find who has been the outstanding Volunteer of the year across all RDA groups.

 If you would like to nominate an Avon Riding Centre volunteer to be considered , please fill in a form available from reception or on our website giving details of why they have been outstanding in 2012.  Entries must be received by lunch time on  Tuesday June 25th.  This is your chance to publicly thank the Volunteers who give up so much to help those who ride at the Centre, please take it.

 Volunteer of the year nomination