Meet Our Social Media Team

We are thrilled to have a team of lovely volunteers helping us run our social media platforms, and since the name of the game is social, we thought it would be nice for you to learn a bit about who you’re talking to!

Winnie (she/her)

Winnie’s favourite colour is Yellow. In her spare time she enjoys watching true crime documentaries, which she admits is not very interesting! An interesting fact is that she used to carriage drive.

Tegan (she/her)

Tegan’s favourite colour is yellow. An interesting hobby is that she create films and videos about living with a disability, how she adapts life to live as easily as possible and having fun while doing it! You can visit her YouTube Channel here!  A random fact is she was born with an extra finger!

Jess (she/her)

Jess’s favourite colour is purple. Horses are her main hobby, and she does a bit of dressage on her pony Buster. She also has two crazy Jack Russells!

Katy (She/Her)

Katy’s favourite colour is blue. Her favourite hobby is horse riding and she has a cat without a tail!

Zoe (she/her)

Zoe’s favourite colour is blue. When she’s not busy horse riding Zoe likes to run marathons!

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