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RDA National Championships Results July 2019

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What a weekend at the RDA National Championships which took place at Hartpury College. The Championships are a showcase of some of the best RDA riders from across the country. There are a range of competitions from dressage to driving, vaulting to countryside challenge, there really was something for everyone to enjoy.

Our riders had been working hard over the past few weeks in the lead up to the RDA National Championships, with extra lessons to make sure they were as prepared as possible. We cannot thank the volunteers and grooms enough, for also having to put in extra hours to coach our riders and work with the horses, ensuring that everything could run as seamlessly as possible. Our horses, Ruby, Tom and Baby were also immaculately turned out, so full credit to everyone who helped get them ready.

A particular thank you has to go to Maureen, who kindly stayed at Hartpury all weekend so she was on hand to help with mucking out and feeding as well as coaching the riders. Maureen and Sue also worked hard in the lead up to the competition providing additional lessons for the riders . Thank you both very much from all the riders and volunteers!

Our riders took part in dressage and show jumping classes, we have collected some photographs from across the competition, which are available below as are the results. If you have any images you would like to include in our gallery please email them to



Name of Rider Horse Class Grade Score Per% Place
Cat Ruby 7 L/4 E    
Stella Tom 8 L/3 76    
Neve Tom 9 L/2 90.1   2nd
Emily Ruby 9 L/2 81    
Paige Tom 9 L/2 73.1    
Cat  /  Stella Baby / Tom 10 Pairs 115.5 57.75 1st


Name of Rider Horse Class Grade Score Per% Place
Emily Ruby 31  1-6    W/T 127.5 70.83 3rd
Ewan Baby 31  1-6    W/T 131.5 73.06 1st
Cat Ruby 44 Freestyle  1-6 128 64  
Verna Tom 25 TVI  W/T 100 62.50 2nd
Jonathan Zaldaltus 33 I/D  W/T/C 127.5 67.11 4th
Millie Ruby 33 I/D  W/T/C 122 64.21  
Paige Tom 33 I/D  W/T/C 119.5 62.89 6th
Cat Ruby 32 1-6  W/T/C 120 70.56 3rd


Name of Rider Horse Class Grade Score Per% Place
Matilda Tom 73 I/D   W/T 130 65  
Alfie Ruby 73 I/D   W/T 126.5 63.25  
Tegan Fettle 68  1 Champ 120 70.58 3rd
Nina Baby 71  1-6 Walk 123.5 72.64 2nd
Tegan Fettle 75 Freestyle 1 117 58.50 5th