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Horse Owners Dressage Clinics

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On Thursday May 11th, Avon Riding Centre and Bristol Horse Riding will be offering dressage clinics for horse owners with BHS Registered Instructor, Alexandra Richards.  Alex competes regularly up to medium level dressage, and her teaching method focuses on rider biomechanics and getting the best out of the partnership between rider and horse.

This is the perfect opportunity to focus on the test of your choice, with several chances to ride the test and see where you would be able to pick up marks.  Our arena has an integrated sound system, so there is also the option of practising a musical test.

These will be 45 minute, private sessions and allocated on a first come first served basis.  The cost will be £30.

To book please call the Centre on 0117 9590266.  Payment can be taken on a card at the time of booking.