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Grant-Making Trusts – a quick Thank you!

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Our running costs each year are around £345,000. We raise almost £200,000 from riding lessons, both disabled and non-disabled, which leaves us with around £150,000 to find from various sources.

Some of this money comes from grant-making trusts: charities which have been set up to support other charities.

These are some of the grant-making trusts that have supported us in 2016:

The Bruce Wake Charitable Trust

The Reuben Foundation

The CLA Charitable Trust

The Pennon Group

A & S Lass Charities Ltd

Burges Salmon Charitable Trust

The Fitton Trust

Fred & Marjorie Sainsbury Charitable Trust

The G F Eyre Charitable Trust

Basil Brown Charitable Trust

The Hartfield Charitable Trust

The Lynn Foundation

The Spielman Charitable Trust

Dora Rebecca Fine Charitable Trust

Mrs D M France-Hayhurst Charitable Trust

Medlock Charitable Trust

Misses Barrie Charitable Trust

Souter Charitable Trust

Wessex Water

Douglas Arter Foundation

Leeds Building Society

Skipton Building Society Charitable Foundation

The Haramead Trust

The Green Hall Foundation

The Lambury Charitable Trust

Hoof Capital Funding Grant Scheme

Without these trusts, we simply wouldn’t be able to keep working. So a big virtual round of applause for them!