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Horse Appeal – Fundraising Ideas

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Horse appeal

We want to raise £20,000 as quickly as we can, so we can get more horses who help people. There are lots of good things you could do, but if you want to keep it on theme, here are

5 Fun Horsey Ways to Fundraise!

Hobby Horse Race

Shut your street for a couple of hours (It’s super-easy with a Playing Out licence), charge a fee for entry and get your whole community cheering on the kids.

You could have different categories for different ages, and create a festive atmosphere with tea, cakes etc.

 hobby Horse C Barry Caruth

1 Image Copyright Barry Caruth

 Race Nightcolourfuljump

No need to head to the race course, you can recreate the atmosphere anywhere!

There’s a good how-to link here:


Equestrian dress up day?

hockey costume

Instead of superheroes, why not dress as a jockey, cowboy or even a horse at work or school? You could keep it simple and just wear a Polo Shirt for the day.


“Neigh”bourhood SaleJumble Sale copyright MC Morgan

Take advantage of the trend for decluttering, set up a table top or jumble sale in your local area. You could charge for a table, or charge entry and let people rummage.




fun warning  “Fooling around, foolish behaviour, clowning, fooling, tomfoolery, buffoonery.” Could you get sponsored for something silly? Sitting in a bath of beans? Shave your head? Walking backwards? A silly obstacle course? The only limit is your imagination!






So that’s some horse-y ways to fundraise, but there are loads more:

You could…

  • Have a coffee morning or clothes swap or wine tasting evening!
  • Give something up: smoking, drinking, computer games, social media?
  • Do something exciting: run, walk, ride, hop further than you’ve ever been before.
  • Organise a beetle drive or a quiz in your local pub
  • Put a collection bucket in your business
  • Have a yard sale or take a table of “preloved” goods to a table top sale

Once you’ve decided what you’re going to do, get to our JustGiving page and register as a fundraiser.Horse appeal