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Autumn RDA Dressage Day at Avon Riding Centre on Friday 30th October

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We had slightly less entrants for this competition with thirty riders of all ages participating in a choice of four Classes rather than the usual five. At this time of year we try to encourage riders who have never competed in dressage before to ‘have a go’ and hopefully enjoy the experience of completing a test at various levels.

Class 1 was ridden in walk and on the leading rein so it was ideal for a first try. We had a number of people taking part for the first time which was very encouraging. As you will see from the many happy smiling faces in the photos, the sense of achievement can be very rewarding and boost confidence and self esteem.

Of course the entries are not graded like the Classes at RDA Regional and National level therefore there is always a mixture of ages and abilities participating together at these very friendly events. The aim is always to give our riders, and those from other local RDA Groups in our Region the opportunity to gain experience as well as have fun.

A big thank you to everyone involved in making this day a success, especially all our volunteers who organise and run the day, our staff for preparing the horses and of course the judges, Sue Mack our RDA Regional Coach & Yeb de Jong our Equine Manager.

Finally and most importantly thanks to all the riders from our Centre and Lyncombe Lodge Group and their families for supporting this event.

Here are the top three riders in each Class:

Class 1

1st Rhiannon Davies riding Robbie, 2nd Abigail Bailey riding Jim, 3rd Huxley Leigh on Bunty

Class 2

1st Lucy McLean riding Bunty, 2nd Claire Hoare riding Bertie, 3rd Alisha Craigie on Bunty

Class 3

1st Liam Bailey riding Winston, James Bunker riding Bella, 3rd Emily Rodman on Jim

Class 4

1st Lucy Mae Bush riding Rainbow, 2nd Stella Jelly riding Leaf, 3rd Jenny Armstrong on Barney


Well done everyone!