May Half Term and Summer Holiday Activities 2019

Here is a list of some of the activities we plan to run over the May half term and Summer Holidays. These are in addition to the Saturday Clinics, which you will find here.


  • Mondays – 4:15pm: Hack (£31)

Will be run to be suitable to the lowest ability person riding.


  • Tuesdays – 3pm: Children’s Make Up Lessons (£31)

Use up a credit with these fun weekly lessons


  • Private Lessons (£45) available Wednesday Mornings on the following dates:

24/7, 31/7, 7/8 & 14/8


  • Pony Days (£80) available on the following dates:

30/7, 6/8, 15/8 & 20/8, 27/8 – 8am – 5pm

You can book a Pony Day by Clicking Here


Specific Activities:


  • Thursday 30/5

2pm – Gymkhana Games (£31)


  • Wednesday 21/8


8:45am – Intermediate/Advanced Show Jumping

10am – Novice Flatwork


  • Wednesday 28/8


8:45am – Novice Show Jumping

10am – Novice Flatwork


Below are posters for our BHS Progressive Riding Course, and activities for external/new riders.


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