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RDA National Championships RESULTS 2016

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The weekend of the 15th-17th July saw 11 riders represent Avon Riding Centre at the RDA National Championships at Hartpury College, Gloucestershire.

The Championships has grown year on year and is now bigger than the Paralympics and Para World Championships combined. In previous years it has proved a springboard for the Paralympics, with many of the current Team GB having competed at The Championships. It’s a huge achievement to make it into the competition. They have already proven themselves to be among the best in their region.

For more information on the “Champs”, generally, click Here .

The table below shows the full results except the Musical Drill Ride DVD, where our entry “All Good, No Bad, No Ugly” came second and the Arts & Crafts section where Natascha Lancaster came second in her class. Have a look at the routine here: All Good, No Bad, No Ugly



Congratulations one and all and a HUGE thank you to everyone who made it happen, from the grooms who made the horses look so smart, to the parents and carers who brought the riders and of course the army of volunteers and coaches who attended on the day and worked so hard in the run up to get everyone ready.








S/J 6 Jonathan Kemp Lula 32.89 1st
S/J 5 George Brindley Robbie 76 2nd
S/J 4 Stella Jelly Hope 67 8th
TVI 2 12 Verna Clifford Barney 118 73.75 1st
1a 39 Diane Green Gunstone’s Pride 123.5 72.64 3rd
C/C 49 Ewan Waller Spike 158 79 7th
1a 39 Tegan Vincent Cooke Bertie 101.5 59.7 2nd
1a 41 Charlotte White  Bella 114 67.05 6th
1a 41 Neve Massey  Jim 110 64.71 3rd
1a 44 Diane Green Gunstone’s Pride 152 76 2nd
Test 2 52 Ewan Waller Spike 122 67.77 4th
C/C 82 Alisha Craigie Bunty 164 82 4th
Champ V 75 Alfie Armstrong  Marge 121 71.17 2nd
C/C 83 Matilda Walsh Bunty 164 82 6th
Test 2 85 Matilda Walsh Bunty 118 65.55 4th
I/D 76 Jonathan Kemp  Lula 141.5 74.47 1st
Test 2 85 Alisha Craigie Bunty 124 68.88 2nd
V 74 Emily Rodman  Jim 1231 67.22 7th