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RDA National Dressage Results and Photo Gallery

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Friday 17th July

Morgan Rogers riding Bunty came 1st in her Class 19 Countryside Challenge with one helper, gaining a score of 85.25% and 1st on her Introduction to Dressage Class 24, Test 4 (in walk & trot) with 75.68%. She was therefore the overall winner of the Combined Class on Friday.

Cory Grinter riding Spike came 3rd in his Class 18 Countryside Challenge for riders with two helpers, gaining a score of 77.06%

Both of these very young riders were competing at the Championships for the first time.

Verna Clifford riding Barney retained the Championship Trophy for the third year in succession and the fourth time overall with a score of 64.3% in her Dressage Class 5 for riders with Total Visual Impairment (in walk & trot).

Saturday 18th July

Diane Green riding Bella was unplaced in her Dressage Class 34 in walk only for Grade 1a riders (those with the highest degree of physical problems) with a score of 64.1%. This was actually a good score considering that she had only ridden Bella for a total of forty minutes in the two days before her competition!

Charlotte White also riding Bella came 2nd in her Dressage Class 36 in walk only (for riders who had not been classified into a specific grade) with a score of 74.1%

Millie Boult (junior) riding Hope in Class 47 Level 2 Show Jumping came 3rd with 73%

George Brindley riding Robbie in Class 48 Level 3 Show Jumping came 1st with 89% and was awarded a Trophy for the overall highest score.

Sunday 19th July

Alisha Craigie (junior) riding Bunty came 1st in her Countryside Challenge Class 81 for riders with two helpers, gaining 83% and 4th in her Introduction to Dressage Class 84 with 74.4%. She was also the overall Combined winner in her Class on Sunday.

Lucy McLean (junior) riding Bunty came 4th in her Countryside Challenge Class 82 for riders with one helper and 1st in her Introduction to Dressage Test Class 86 at her first Championships and was the overall winner of her Combined Competition Class on Sunday.

Jenny Armstrong riding Roddy is a rider in her seventies and she came 8th in a huge multi grade Dressage Class 74 in walk, trot and canter with 64.1% which was very special for her as her nine year old granddaughter who is just learning to ride was watching.

Emily Rodman (junior) riding Spike was unplaced with 61% in her huge Dressage Class 73 ridden independently in walk and trot but was similarly affected by only riding Spike for forty minutes in the last two days before the Championships!

Claire Mill riding Marge came joint 7th in another huge Dressage Class 74 in walk, trot and canter with 67.1% again an excellent result and a lovely test to watch.

Jonathan Kemp who rides for us independently on his own horse had his horse going lame a week ago so he did well to come 5th in a complex Dressage Class 75 for Grade IV riders with 74.2% on a borrowed horse.

Kerry Keightley our other independent rider sadly had to withdraw