Sensory Experiences

Whilst our main aim is to offer a riding experience to our clients, we recognise that horse riding is not appropriate for everyone. As a result, we have been exploring how we could offer a stimulating and engaging non-riding experience to small school groups. We have developed a sensory experience, that can include some or all of the following activities:


Pony – see, touch, smell, hear – groom

Feed (feed mix, hay) – see, touch, smell

Stable (empty) – see, smell, hear

Tack (saddle/bits) – see, smell, touch – clean

Mechanical horse – movement


We can also include leading a pony around the car park, for all children with or without a wheelchair (although this may be weather dependent).


These sessions are suitable for all children, with either physical or learning disabilities or both, and can be modified in content or duration to meet your particular group’s needs. These sessions are led by an Instructor supported by a team of experienced volunteers and have been very well received by the 2 special schools that we have recently worked with (Claremont School and New Siblands Primary School). There is a charge for these sessions.


If you would like to visit us or discuss your requirements please get in touch.