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RDA Mid West Regional Show-jumping Championships 2016

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Four riders from Avon Riding Centre for the Disabled competed at the Mid West Regional championships in Show-jumping and Endurance on Monday 6th June.

George Brindley qualified for the nationals, coming 2nd in  the Level 3 Show Jumping on Robbie.

Stella Jelly on Hope and Millie Boult both came 3rd in the level 2 and level 3 show-jumping respectively.

Cecilia Kennard enjoyed the Endurance event: a 2km solo ride on Hope, which is all about covering the maximum distance possible without putting the horse under too much strain.

It was a beautiful day, if somewhat hot. Thanks to the riders and of course the support team who made it possible for them to attend this fantastic event.


*edited to change George’s event to Level 3 showjumping instead of Level 2.