Kingsweston Road, Henbury, Bristol, BS10 7QT

Give & Gain: Imperial Tobacco give us a makeover!





A team from Imperial Tobacco visited Avon Riding Centre on Friday 20th May with the aim of giving our outside space a good going over.

We set them to work: one crew painting the fences round the Pony Palace, the other working on the weed flower bed by the entrance to the drive.

IMG_0751The gardening group had the task of pulling out several trailer-fulls of weeds and replacing them with plenty of well-rotted horse manure.







Meanwhile, over by the Pony Palace, the painting duty were giving the fences (and their clothes and faces) a good coating of Dark Oak paint. They really demonstrated the maxim: Many hands make light work.


IMG_2713The Pony Palace looking considerably smarter!

The challenge group, who were thrilled to be away from their desks and doing some “real work for a change”, really put their backs into it and achieved some amazing results. Huge thanks to the crew, who generously donated so many plants, materials and of course their time. Here’s to more opportunities like this!