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We have 26 horses here at the Avon Riding Centre.  Here are just a few.


Name Barney
DOB 1999
Height 14.3hh
Colour Black

Best Activity Barney is a very handsome young man and loves to show off his good looks and lovely paces by taking part, and doing very well, in our dressage competitions.

Fun Fact Barney likes to get people wet when they are hosing him off.

Barney is sponsored in Memory of Joan Pannell by members of her family.


Name Bella
DOB 1999
Height 15.2hh
Colour Black

Best Activity Bella is a stunning mare and she is a good all-rounder and especially loves jumping.

Fun Fact: Bella does a good kangaroo impression by bouncing around when she gets excited!



Name Bertie
Best Activity
Fun Fact



Name CharlieCalender 9
DOB 2001
Height 14.2hh
Colour Piebald

Best Activity Charlie really enjoys going for hacks and being outside.

Fun Fact: Charlie has very pretty blue eyes



Name ChocoChoco
DOB 2006
Height 13.3hh
Colour Piebald

Best Activity Choco loves to be out on a hack!

Fun Fact Choco once got stuck in a bog and needed two fire engines to get him out!



Name DaymoCalender 10
DOB 2003
Height 14.3hh
Colour Bay

Fun Fact Daymo has his own diary section on the blog, and a Twitter account!



Name FergusFergus
DOB 1994
Height 16.1hh
Colour Black

Best Activity Fergus likes to do as little as possible and enjoys eating and sleeping the most.

Fun Fact: Fergus loves to hum when walking out on a hack!



Name Harry
DOB 1998
Height 13.2hh
Colour Grey

Best Activity Harry is a brilliant RDA pony but loves going fast when the grooms ride him!

Fun Fact: Harry likes to play hide and seek in the fields.



Name Marge
DOB 2000
Height 15.3hh
Colour Skewbald

Best Activity Marge loves to go out into the fields and do a bit of cross country. She is also very good at competing in RDA dressage competitions.

Fun Fact: Marge likes to keep the other mares in line by being boss of the field!


Name RobbieRobbie
DOB 2008
Height 15.1hh
Colour Skewball

 Best Activity

 Fun Fact Robbie curls up like a cat in his stable and snores really loudly!




Name RoddyRoddy (2)
DOB 1995
Height 16.3hh
Colour Chestnut

Best Activity Roddy is very good at dressage and loves to compete in Medieval Games.

Fun Fact: Roddy used to be a jousting horse.
Roddy is sponsored by Sainsbury’s, Clifton Down.



Name SpikeSpike
DOB 2001
Height 13.2hh
Colour Grey

Best Activity Spike loves going out for a hack.

 Fun Fact Spike has one black ear.


Name Tic Tac
DOB 1997
Height 13.2hh
Colour Grey

Best Activity Although Tic Tac isn’t the most motivated of ponies he loves his jumping.

Fun Fact: Tic Tac squeals a lot!


If you would like to Sponsor one of our horses then you can contact us for more information